[PD] OSC configuration - distance concert

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Wed Nov 23 13:11:25 CET 2005


i never used osc myself, but afaik with osc you can only send messages
one way (client -> server). in a setup that you described here, everyone
needs to be a client and at the same a server, if all members want to
communicate bidirectional with the others. it's more complicated to be a
server (you need to open ports in the firewall and do portforwarding
with your router), that's why i think that some connections worked and
others not.

alternatively you could use a system that allows bidirectional
communication over one single connection. the maxlib-external for
example has the objects [netclient] and [netserver] for exactly this
purpose, so that only one of you guys needs to be a server.

if you are interested in doing music over the internet, check
http://www.netpd.org .  netpd is an environment, that makes it easy to
create you own patches to be used over the internet. i'd really like to
meet you in netpd and give you a short demo of its capabilities.


"João Miguel Pais" <jmmmpais at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> we're three pd-ers (or ocasionally 2 pders and 1 maxer), and we're
> to set up osc to communicate while each of us is at home in his
> (so far we've done it sucessfully in the direct way, hub+cables and
> setting of the ip for each)
> yesterday we were trying it, and the results were quite strange:
> - users A, B and C
> - A sent to B, but didn't receive nothing (wlan and lan)
> - B sent to nobody, received from A (lan)
> - C couldn't send or receive from neither (wlan and lan)
> - all (or C didn't?) could connect to themselves through OSC (connect
> x.y.z.k 1000)
> (with "send" I mean to be received. there were no error reports from
> dumpOSC)
> I find strange that either it should nothing work, or everything work.
> systems are windows, and firewalls were either totally open or even
> down. I don't know if wlan/lan makes a difference, I guess not.
> does anyone has suggestions about this? The purpose would be all to
> connect to each other, and later to play a concert at a distance (and
> still in pijamas).
> Greetings,
> Joao
> PS: as yesterday, it isn't possible to search the list archives.


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