[PD] midi problems on Ubuntu

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Nov 23 18:37:44 CET 2005

Carl Najafi hat gesagt: // Carl Najafi wrote:

> i just recently switched from xp to ubuntu and i'm
> having difficulties getting midi to work in pd. i've
> been struggling with it for a week, but i can't get it
> to work - at all.
> i had some general midi problems, but those were taken
> care of with fluidsynth, but when i run fluidsynth
> first the audio is blocked when i start pd, and vice
> versa.

Most soundcards allow only one application access to the playback
hardware. If you want to run more, you will need to use the Jack sound
server (or a similar solution, but Jack is best.) Install "jackd" and
"qjackctl" with Synaptic, stop the Gnome soundserver using the Audio
preferences of Ubuntu and instead launch qjackctl and through that,
the jackd server. Then Pd and fluidsynth need to be started to use the
jackd server. Normally jack is autodetected, otherwise use "pd -jack"
or so. 

Or instead use the [fluid~] external which makes fluidsynth available
as a Pd object. 

Now I only wonder, where the midi problems are with this? 

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