[PD] nosferatu namespaces

Georg Holzmann grhPD at gmx.at
Wed Nov 23 22:08:11 CET 2005


> Please describe a situation where its not possible and one where its  
> not meaningful.  I don't see it at all.   If you are talking about  
> sharing code among objects, you can do this with a DLL/shared lib.  For  
> an example, Thomas got his flext externals working this way in  
> Pd-extended: each object is its own file, but flext is a shared lib.
hm, okay, of course, that's possible ...

just an example: PDContainer.pd_linux has 528kB here on my system, if I 
compile only one object: e.g. h_map.pd_linux has 213kB - so the half of 
the whole lib (and there are now 10 objects in PDContainer) ...
... okay, after thinking I must admit that I can make one "master" 
shared lib and then one binary for each object of course ... :)

... but is this more user-friendly ?
e.g. (correct me if I'm wrong) in windows you would have to load this 
"master-lib" before the other externals or move it to a folder like 
windows\system ...
(at least with threadlib and sndfiler, which works exactly in your 
proposed way, I had this problem ... if threadlib.dll was only in 
pd/extra, then loading of sndfiler.dll failed - I had to move 
threadlib.dll to windows/system )


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