[PD] nosferatu namespaces

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Nov 23 22:06:52 CET 2005

hi all,

Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> - this should be local to each abstraction (otherwise reausability of  
>> abstractions is not guaranteed - there could be nameclashes ...)
> Yes, for sure.  But that'll be a much bigger project.  For now, [using]  

should not be too hard.  The main points could be:

. add new member "t_symbol *me_libname" to struct _methodentry;

. fill that member with an extern name, when calling
   class_addmethod() in class_new();

. define struct _libentry {t_symbol *le_name; t_libentry *le_next};

. add new member "t_libentry *gl_liblist" to struct _glist;

. duplicate (for speed) the main loop in pd_typedmess() for the
   special case of pd_objectmaker target, for which the test for
   a method name would be extended with current glist's library
   list traversal; other targets ignore the me_libname member;

. in canvas_saveto() run the gobj_save() loop in two passes: first
   for objects of well-known classes (declarations), like "using",
   second for the rest;

. inherit parent's library list when creating child canvases;

. define the "using" class itself (or rather, "declare libs", if
   possible); it would just append its args to the current glist's
   gl_liblist, but before the inherited part.


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