[PD] tk scaling test 1

Thoralf Schulze thoralf_schulze at yahoo.de
Fri Nov 25 15:01:14 CET 2005

Hi ...

> then run the script, 
> i dont know how (or what you need) to run this tk
> script on windows or
quite easy: there is a wish8x.exe in the bin directory
of the pd installation, with the value of x depending
on the pd version. just run wish8x.exe
tkscaling-test1.tk (assuming that you saved the patch
in the same directory), and you're set.

And while we're at it: I admit that I'm a fan of
rather large font sizes - especially as long as we use
the font that pd (or, for that matter, tcl/tk) uses
atm. have a look at your gif: the lines of the lower
case "a" are too close to each other, the vertical
lines of the "m" are only 1 pixel wide, and the serifs
are taking up valuable space while making thw whole
thing harder to read.
Your example looks okay on windozes when no scaling is
applied - i.e., when the relevant line in your script
is commented out. tcl/tk applies a scaling factor of
roughly 1.33 in this case, anyway.
Maybe we should also think about changing the default
font. I do believe that getting rid of the serifs
would increase readability a lot ... What do you think
about a sans-serif font that scales nicely? something
like arial / lucida console / tahoma / verdana on the
win platform? I'm well aware of the fact that we
cannot just use these fonts, but maybe there's
something similar in the public domain ...

with kind regards (and thank you for your efforts),

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