[PD] Problems with RC4 pdp on OSX

james tittle tigital at mac.com
Fri Nov 25 19:48:15 CET 2005

On Nov 25, 2005, at 1:11 PM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

> Ah, I bet it can't create the [pdp_v4l] object, which is only used  
> on GNU/Linux.  I think [pdp_xv] is the OSX object, but I don't  
> really know since I haven't really used PDP.

...obviously [pdp_v4l] will not work on osx, since video4linux is  
for, uh, linux...use [pdp_ieee1394] from pidip instead, which only  
works on osx...

...beyond that, one currently needs X11.app installed, which is an  
extra install on your OSX install disk, or it can be downloaded from  
apple's site:  this is to support [pdp_glx], because [pdp_xv] isn't  
working atm either...at some point I'll weak-link this, but until  

> On Nov 24, 2005, at 8:04 PM, Nillow wrote:
>> yes, I add "pdp" in the startup preferences: (I used the text editor)
>> when I open the preferences/startup menu , Pdp appears lower then  
>> Toxy..
>>  Did I something wrong?

...I don't think order of loading should have any effect on pdp  
loading or not...


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