[PD] OSX 10.3.x pd installer supporting pdp

james tittle tigital at mac.com
Fri Nov 25 19:55:16 CET 2005

On Nov 24, 2005, at 10:59 AM, enrique franco wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to load pdp with the pd-0.38-4-extended-RC3.app for OSX
> 10.3.8  but I'm getting this message in the console:
> Mac OS X Version 10.3.8 (Build 7U16)
> 2005-11-24 10:35:54 -0500
> dyld: /Volumes/Pd-0.38.4-extended-RC3/Pd-0.38.4-extended-RC3.app/ 
> Contents/Resources/Scripts/../bin/pd
> can't open library: /usr/X11R6/lib/libX11.6.dylib  (No such file or
> directory, errno = 2)
> pd_gui: pd process exited
> How can I solve this?

...well, glad to see you are finally using a workable pd, but please,  
you should really read my emails:  I asked you a few days ago when  
you last posted if you had X11.app installed:  it is necessary atm to  
load pdp, because on osx pdp's output is currently [pdp_glx] (which  
requires x11.app to also be running) or [pdp2gem] (requires gem to be  
loaded also)...I never got [pdp_xv] working, but that might be due to  
x11 display setup ignorance on my part...

...lastly, this is also not guaranteed to run under 10.4.x, but I  
have heard of people able to run it under 10.3.9 (ie. you need to  


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