[PD] OSX 10.3.x pd installer supporting pdp

james tittle tigital at mac.com
Sat Nov 26 00:13:06 CET 2005

On Nov 25, 2005, at 5:55 PM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> On Nov 25, 2005, at 1:55 PM, james tittle wrote:
>> ...lastly, this is also not guaranteed to run under 10.4.x, but I  
>> have heard of people able to run it under 10.3.9 (ie. you need to  
>> upgrade!)
> Also, the pdp/etc. binaries in Pd-extended are currently the  
> binaries from the latest pd++.app.  While Gem and PDP work fine, I  
> currently get this when I try to use pdp2gem or gem2pdp:
> hans at sla:src > /Applications/Pd-0.38.4-extended-RC4.app/Contents/ 
> Resources/bin/pd -stderr
> set it
> GEM: Graphics Environment for Multimedia
> GEM: ver: 0.90
> GEM: compiled: Apr 13 2005

...you should also include the Gem from that pd++.app because it is  
current cvs...at least it was until a few minutes ago ;-)

> dyld: /Applications/Pd-0.38.4-extended-RC4.app/Contents/Resources/ 
> bin/pd Undefined symbols:
> __ZN11imageStruct5clearEv
> __ZN11imageStruct8fromGrayEPs
> __ZN11imageStruct8fromYV12EPs
> __ZN12GemException6reportEv
> __ZN7GemBase11setModifiedEv
> __ZN7GemBase17obj_setupCallbackEP6_class
> __ZN7GemBase17realStopRenderingEv
> __ZN7GemBaseC2Ev
> __ZN7GemBaseD2Ev
> __ZN9CPPExtern10m_holdnameE
> __ZN9CPPExtern8m_holderE
> __ZTI7GemBase

...all of these are from recent GEM cvs, at least since late summer...?

> __ZnwmPvS_
> _pdp_packet_copy_ro_or_drop
> _pdp_packet_data
> _pdp_packet_header
> _pdp_packet_mark_unused
> pd_gui: pd process exited
> Trace/BPT trap

...these last few seem to say that it just doesn't have pdp loaded?   
You're probably also using pd's default osx module loading:  in pd+ 
+.app, I've switched it to use dlopen() like the other unices, and  
maybe that's part of the problem?


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