[PD] tk scaling test 1

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Sat Nov 26 00:50:57 CET 2005

Here's mine from my PowerBook running MacOSX 10.3.9

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The font heights are the same in pixels, but they look different for  
what ever reason.


On Nov 24, 2005, at 3:08 PM, Andre Schmidt wrote:

> hi,
> before we(i) start to findout how to get that "tk scaling" to work on
> all pd "objects", i made a little tk script to test that feature.
> i hope many people (on many os) try this, so we (or atleast i) can be
> sure that this feature would/could "fix" our font size issues..
> so, the more the marrier :)
> here we go:
> get the script from here:
> http://osku.de/pd/tst01/tkscaling-test1.tk
> it needs also this gif in the same directory
> http://osku.de/pd/tst01/courier10pix.gif
> then run the script,
> i dont know how (or what you need) to run this tk script on windows or
> osx. so anyone who knows, please post.
> on linux: "./tkscaling-test1.tk" or "wish tkscaling-test1.tk"
> (i assume you have tcl/tk installed ;)
> then make a screenshot of that app running and name it
> "yournameornick-TST01.filetype"
> heres mine: http://osku.de/pd/tst01/oskude-TST01.png
> and then IF your text is NOT the same size as in the displayed gif on
> the bottom of the app, open the "tkscaling-test1.tk" (its a plain
> textfile), uncomment the line "#tk scaling 1.00" and play with the  
> value
> until your text is same size as in the gif.
> then make a screenie again and name it
> "yournameornick-TST01-tks.filetype"
> heres mine: http://osku.de/pd/tst01/oskude-TST01-tks.png
> then mail the image(s) to me, and ill make a webgallery to study.
> Thank You.
> font agent ;)
> andre "oskude" schmidt
> ps. heres allso my laptop: http://osku.de/pd/tst01/oskude2-TST01.png
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