[PD] Still need help with setting up PD as VSTi

carmen ix at replic.net
Sat Nov 26 04:24:40 CET 2005

On Fri, Nov 25, 2005 at 05:14:00PM -0500, DB wrote:
> I downloading the zip file with all the files necessary to make PD a VSTi, however, I'm a little confused as far as the installation instructions.  First I am running both Sonar and energyXT, not Cubase, and I believe that both Sonar and eXT work with VSTs differently than Cubase, so putting the pdvst folder where Sonar/eXT is will not work.

put the folder where the main app.exe is 'running' from. this is usually Sonar/. youn override this by creating a shortcut and adjusting the properties.. i hardcoded my plugin to always just look in c:\local\lib\pd since i used so many diff vst hosts.. so just pd-gain.dll in vstplugins/ and everything else in Sonar/ including the config file i think..

> Is there another solution?  Anyone running either Sonar or eXT who have gotten lPD to work as a VSTi within those programs?  

there are lots of solutions, depending on what you want, stuff like vst~->freewire/soundbus, midiyoke, or switching to a POSIX compliant OS and using JACK are all options

i'd try getting it working in audiomulch or bidule first, so you can see what is going on

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