[PD] message patch operations (cut)

João Miguel Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 26 12:40:27 CET 2005

> and yeah, this is probably a major hack, but one I
> cannot live without when and it comes to ui stuff. I
> just use |x y 0 0(

I just made the message |editmode 1, mouse 20 40 0 0, cut, mouse 20 80 0  
0, cut, editmode 0( , which makes exactly what I wanted (cut 2 objects).  
But I noticed that when I send this to the patch without the window being  
opened, pd crashes. That means that this operation must have a vis 1 / vis  
0 around it, right?

It goes well with the visS as well, and so fast that the  
appearing/disappearing window isn't seen, but just wanted to check if  
there's no other way.

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