[PD] any problems with debian on the Acer laptops ? (formerly [PD] linux distribution choice)

julienbreval at free.fr julienbreval at free.fr
Sat Nov 26 21:18:28 CET 2005

julienbreval at free.fr wrote:

> Let's try RH9 then ... (I
> still
> have the install CDs).

With Red Hat 9 the installer starts but later I get a warning message, telling
me that rh9 is not really compatible with the architecture of the machine so I
should make a rescue floppy disk boot.

I don't have a floppy disk, nor a floppy drive. I can understand that this linux
is too old but I don't want to lose time on all this because I have some more
serious things to do. If there are some Acer Aspire Centrino laptop users here
please tell me which Linux works on machine.


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