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jef chippewa jef at newmusicnotation.com
Sun Nov 27 20:50:09 CET 2005


>Use the 410 if it works.  Put a mixer or pair of mic pres in front of
>the two 1/4" inputs if you need more than the two built in pres.  If
>your 002 is the standalone (not rack) version then it should work as a
>mixer without being plugged into a computer.

it is a standalone.   you mean essentially 
merging two signals on each of the L/R inputs? 
this wouldn't work for this piece, the patch 
requires 4 distinct signals, coming from 4 
instruments; each is processed separately in the 

>It might be faster and less painful to move the patches to Max...

yeah... but the concert is tuesday afternoon! 
while i'm on about it... info below.



concert time 16h30 in banff = 15h30 vancouver | 
18h30 montréal | 23h30 UK | 24h30 euro-continent 
| sometime wednesday in aussie-land.

to catch the webcast, you can double-click on the 
following link (it won't work until the signal 
starts to broadcast), or copy it and paste it 
into a browser, either should automatically open 
the right application on your dumbputer.




aber was ist normal?
tuesday 29 november 2005, 16:30

bentley chamber music room, music & sound, the banff centre (banff CANADA)
** free admission **

kaia saariaho (FINLAND) - noa noa (1992/8')
for flute and electronics

james saunders (UK) - six pieces (1997/2')
for flute, oboe, viola

alan hilario (PHILIPPINES/GERMANY) - kibô (1997/10')
for solo violin or viola

keith hamel (CANADA) - krishna's flute (2004/12')
for flute and electronics

james saunders - #291105 (2005/11')
for flute, oboe, clarinet, viola
PREMIÈRE, composed for this concert at the 
request of Chenoa Anderson and jef chippewa

jef chippewa (CANADA) - wind trio on E (2005/6')
for flute, oboe, clarinet

joão miguel pais (PORTUGAL) - amen (2005/4'08)
for electronics (+ obligato musicians)
N.AMER. PREMIÈRE, première by Ensemble 
Chronophonie; re-arranged for this performance

chenoa anderson (CANADA) - flute
carmen thierry palomino (MEXICO) - oboe
alicia bennett (USA) - clarinet
alexa beattie (SCOTLAND) - viola
jef chippewa / keith hamel - auxiliary instruments in #291105

jef chippewa / chenoa anderson - programming and coordination
the banff centre +1 403 762 6100 / music & sound ext. 6355



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