Fwd: Re: [PD] pd setup on G5 + Digi 002

chris clepper cgclepper at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 21:16:36 CET 2005

On 11/27/05, jef chippewa <jef at newmusicnotation.com> wrote:
> chris/joão/others,
> Use the 410 if it works.  Put a mixer or pair of mic pres in front of
>  the two 1/4" inputs if you need more than the two built in pres.  If
>  your 002 is the standalone (not rack) version then it should work as a
>  mixer without being plugged into a computer.
> it is a standalone.   you mean essentially merging two signals on each of
> the L/R inputs?  this wouldn't work for this piece, the patch requires 4
> distinct signals, coming from 4 instruments; each is processed separately in
> the patch.

No, I mean use the two mic pres on the front of the 410 and then two
of the mic pres on the 002 to feed the two 1/4" inputs on the back of
the 410.  Or use the 4 pres on the 002 and then route each to a
separate out and then into the 4 inputs of the 410.  Or get a Mackie
or similar mixer with 4 busses or direct outs etc.

> It might be faster and less painful to move the patches to Max...
> yeah... but the concert is tuesday afternoon!  while i'm on about it... info
> below.

But the chances of that hardware working in Max are very near 100%
while the chances of the same gear working with Pd is not nearly as
great (more like 0% for the 002).  In the past I have use the .pat
file format to move patches between Max and Pd.  You have to change
all of the spigot, moses, osc~, etc objects and most everything has a
direct equivalent.

The other options are to procure other audio interfaces and/or a PC
running Windows or Linux.

Good luck.

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