[PD] Canvas editor patch 2

João Miguel Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 28 07:31:14 CET 2005

> That's a great patch.  My only critique is that I like thicker sliders  
> since they are easier targets.
> It would be great to have this in CVS so that it automatically gets  
> included in the Pd-extended builds.

my purpose wasn't to become famous or something, but if it must be is ok.
that to say that a patch for general use should follow general principles.  
I find thinner sliders elegant, but that's not what's important here. can  
you suggest a value?

frank gave a better suggestion for the dynamic send, if rhere are no other  
issues (or anything I forgot), then I'll implement it and move on to the  
other guis.


> .hc
> On Nov 26, 2005, at 12:06 PM, João Miguel Pais wrote:
>> Here is a second (and full?) version of the abstraction to make editing  
>> of gui objects much easier and quicker (for those who work a lot with  
>> them). Just put them in your externals folder.
>> As I said before, this example is for a canvas, but I'll take the model  
>> and adapt it to all other GUI objects.
>> Please try it out, correct, criticise, etc. (even the english, if you  
>> want). If it's fine I think I can start the adaptations to the other  
>> ones.
>> Some operations might be made not with the most fast sollutions, but I  
>> was using only the standard objects of pd. It's not impossible, and it  
>> will provide compatibility.
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