[PD] OSX - Send PD messages from Terminal?

Ryan Supak ryansupak at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 16:47:07 CET 2005

Hi PeeDee list,

I've got a bit of a broad-based question here.  I use a terrific piece of
software called Quicksilver that does a lot of things, but basically it
allows you to do tasks with files quickly and in an extremely elegant
manner.  One task it allows you to do is to invoke shell scripts.

I use PD as a pretty intricate MIDI switcher for Ableton Live, and basically
I never look at PD when I play -- I rarely even look at the Ableton screen.
As the intricacy of the MIDI patching has increased, one task that has
become increasingly difficult to manage is PD patch switching.  The solution
I have decided on to handle switching, from now on, is to type a string of a
few letters and numbers into Quicksilver and have it change the patch


So -- Basically, I would like to invoke a shell script, and have it
instantly send a message to PD.  The best solution I've come up with is to
use [netreceive] to catch some packets, and use a command-line "packet
injector" program called Nemesis to send the packets into PD.

Can anybody think of a simpler, or lighter weight, method of sending PD
messages from a command line or shell script?  Here's a diagram of the
"missing links":

OSX Terminal -> SomeCommandLineMethodOfSendingMessagesToPd ->

Thanks for any thoughts!
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