[PD] Canvas editor patch 2

João Miguel Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 28 17:09:34 CET 2005

> - Open cnv-edit and a new empty patch.
> - Put a canvas
> - Edited the send-symbol field of the canvas to "test1"
> - Edited the receive-symbol field of the canvas to "test2"

> Is this what you mean by giving a receive/send symbol? You don't mean a  
> pd "symbol" (ctrl-4), don't you?

that's exactly. it is actually a symbol, but I can't explain it that well  
as the pd masters. that's also what is written in the canvas properties  

> I changed the receive symbol _field_ in the symbol labeled "Receive"  
> from "$0-receive-i" to "test1". Is this what you propose? It looks  
> strange, I think I should change the send field, but anyhow, both  
> changes don't work.

no, it is much simpler than that. the patch is made so that no editing is  
necessary. you type the name in the symbol field and press enter. that  
would be
- click on the "Receive" field
- type test2 and press enter
- do the same for the send field, when necessary (with the other name)

if you changed the properties of the symbols you have to put them back in  
order for the patch to work. as I said, it isn't necessary (and not  
wished) to edit the patch to work with it.

> Don't worry - your English is fine. I think I'm doing something wrong  
> here - it seems like I'm the only one with problems here. Which pd do  
> you need for cnv-edit (maybe that's the point)?

I work with 0.39, but that's not the point (it will be when I implement  
Frank B's sollutions). actually this is fully compatible, no exts as well.

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