[PD] Canvas editor patch 2

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Nov 28 19:27:42 CET 2005

João Miguel Pais hat gesagt: // João Miguel Pais wrote:

> >[r] in plain Pd doesn't allow this, all IEM-GUI objects however do.
> that's true. but I wanted to use only standard objects (maybe too  
> radical?).

Oh, with "IEM-GUI" I meant the colored GUI objects, that are part of
Pd, like [vsl] [hsl] [nbx] [cnv] ....

They were externals in the "iemgui" collection until Miller included
them in Pd some years ago (0.36?). 

> >the cnv. You can fake that by renaming the receivers of IEM number
> >boxes [nbx]. However be careful: Once you renamed the receiver, the
> >old value is gone, so you need to keep track of which receiver name is
> >currently active.
> ok, good point. but it will save time if one gives the variable first,  
> which is the point of the patch. I mean, if no changes in code are  
> predicted, since it's working I guess it wouldn't bother so (well, apart  
> from "dirtying" the patch).

It would also be nice to have inlets and outlets for your edit
patches. Then you could also cross-connect the abstraction to a slider
without any sends and receives involved at all. 

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