[PD] Canvas editor patch 2

João Miguel Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 28 20:57:35 CET 2005

>> >[r] in plain Pd doesn't allow this, all IEM-GUI objects however do.
>> that's true. but I wanted to use only standard objects (maybe too
>> radical?).
> Oh, with "IEM-GUI" I meant the colored GUI objects, that are part of
> Pd, like [vsl] [hsl] [nbx] [cnv] ....

I was talking about [r], not about the iem guis. they belong to pd  
already, of course, without those can't I (and no one) work. I thought you  
were speaking about some externals which have dynamic sends.

>> ok, good point. but it will save time if one gives the variable first,
>> which is the point of the patch. I mean, if no changes in code are
>> predicted, since it's working I guess it wouldn't bother so (well, apart
>> from "dirtying" the patch).
> It would also be nice to have inlets and outlets for your edit
> patches. Then you could also cross-connect the abstraction to a slider
> without any sends and receives involved at all.

good idea. with the canvas object that was no issue, of course. but one  
can also connect this exit to whatever he wishes.

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