[PD] PDDP Template 7c (for reference documents)

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Mon Nov 28 22:06:38 CET 2005

I looked at the template.  Overall it looks quite good. I like the PDDP 
contents link, but it seems to me it should be switched with [pd META] 
since that's a prominent location, and people aren't really going to be 
looking as [pd META] so much.  [pd META] is kind of a type of "More 
Info" anyway.

But I am worried about maintainability of the canvas behind the float, 
and the bullet points.  While some of us would make the effort, I am 
sure that many would not.  Then the patches would lack consistency.  
Ideally, we can have this all incorporated into an easy to copy 
template.  Maybe something like a having the comment

Also, in More Info, there should be a way to navigate to subpatch pages 
of that help file for patches like makefilename-help.pd that have 
multiple pages.   There should be some standard name for this, maybe 
[pd Next Page]?

One last little thing, I don't think you need to explain the inlet 
numbering on every patch, there should be a glossary of sorts for 
people to look that up.  Once you look at a few of these, then it will 
be obvious.

Here's my minor edits:

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