[PD] pd and rewire

Boy Ronin boyronin47 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 29 02:12:19 CET 2005

By now I'm sure you are all sick of this questions, but I'll ask anyway. 
Does PD currently support Rewire? I have read back through some old posts 
and other sites on the internet, all of them say no. However most of these 
messages dated back about 2 years. So has this situation change? Also the 
reason given for it not being implemented was that pd is not commercial, 
however the guys over at Buzz have rewire working and they too are a non 
commercial project? Also Max has rewire support and there are some "patches" 
out there to get Max bits working in PD has anyone achieved this with 
rewire. I'm relatively new to the world or PD so perhaps I'm overly 
simplifying things and being a little naive. This is an area that I am very 
interested in persuing, however if its a dead end, then its a dead end and 
time can be used for something that is a little more realistic/attainable.


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