[PD] Re: pd setup on G5 + Digi 002

jef chippewa jef at newmusicnotation.com
Tue Nov 29 06:51:29 CET 2005

hi thanks to everyone for all the help, in the 
end we are going with the OT 828 on the G5, works 
fine.  digidammit.

concert webcast tomorrow, a PD piece by one of 
your colleagues here, joão miguel pais, is on the 
programme, hope you'll join!.

>concert time 16h30 in banff = 15h30 vancouver | 
>18h30 montréal | 23h30 UK | 24h30 euro-continent 
>| sometime wednesday in aussie-land.
>to catch the webcast, you can double-click on 
>the following link (it won't work until the 
>signal starts to broadcast), or copy it and 
>paste it into a browser, either should 
>automatically open the right application on your 



mailto:jef at newmusicnotation.com

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