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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Nov 29 10:08:39 CET 2005

Boy Ronin hat gesagt: // Boy Ronin wrote:

> By now I'm sure you are all sick of this questions, but I'll ask anyway. 
> Does PD currently support Rewire? I have read back through some old posts 
> and other sites on the internet, all of them say no. However most of these 
> messages dated back about 2 years. So has this situation change? 

_From http://tinyurl.com/dsjer 

Becoming a ReWire Developer     

  ReWirePropellerhead Software will issue licenses to companies
  in the audio or music industry interested in creating
  commercial ReWire applications.
  There are no costs involved. Propellerhead Software will
  administer the authorization, copyrights, logos and
  trademarks. The company will also provide the licensee with
  technical support, free of charge.
  Due to the legal aspects of the agreement you need to have a
  proper, registered company in order to qualify as a ReWire
  developer. We do not allow private persons, schools or
  companies in other types of businesses to become licensors.

So far, no one in the Pd world was interested in signing such a kind
of "agreement", especially when there is a really free as in speech
*and* beer alternative with Jack.

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