[PD] true-type-font versus bitmap-font

Andre Schmidt huolong at arcor.de
Tue Nov 29 11:31:48 CET 2005

i dont really know if tk uses ttf or bitmap fonts, nor can i find info
on how to tell tk to use ttf or bitmap fonts exclusively... (well i know
that i use bitmap font if i use a font name that only exists as bitmap

and is it just me that thinks using only bitmap font(s) would solve our
problems ? (or are we allready, just the bitmap fonts are scaled or/and
are different sizes on different os)

like, a 10pixels height bitmap font would(should) be 10pixels height on
any os or screen resolution (were not supposed to scale bitmap fonts)

so no need to calculate sizes cause we have "predefinied" (pixel)bitmap
font sizes...

i remember even miller being interested on a custom "pd-font", but didnt
like (and i dont like too) about installing fonts to the client

i come to these "solutions":

1. leave it as it is (using system courier, ttf or bitmap) and try to
"hack" the size to be exact as possible on all os/screenres
2. we do(/use) custom bitmap fonts and install them on all os
3. somehow embedd bitmap fonts in tk/pd

the "best" would be number 3. but i havent found anything about
"embedding" fonts in tk apps (well, i assume we would need another font
renderer than the system uses = way more work ?)

so, my vote would go to 2.


ps. as the topic says, i would still like to hear why we should use ttf
fonts in pd... well, for big sizes ttf would be ok (if they are not used
in reference/docs/tuts and so on...)

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