[PD] true-type-font versus bitmap-font

carmen ix at replic.net
Tue Nov 29 11:54:02 CET 2005

> and is it just me that thinks using only bitmap font(s) would solve our
> problems ?

it would just change the problems. then again im not sure what the 'problem' referenced by this thread is...

is it the fonts are ugly? that can be fixed by changing the default font...

is it that the fonts often overrrun the box edges? or boxes overrun other boxes? easy to fix by letting tk choose the bounding box instead of pd pretending it can guess it

is it that the fonts are too big/small/whatever? let the user select the font..

> like, a 10pixels height bitmap font would(should) be 10pixels height on
> any os or screen resolution (were not supposed to scale bitmap fonts)

i have 2 screens, one is 1024x768 in 17", one is 1280x800 in 12". a bitmap font is vastly different heights on the two screens..way less predictable size-wise than scalable font sizes..except that theyre getting smaller every year :D

> 3. somehow embedd bitmap fonts in tk/pd

you should be able to do this, you can embed images into tk code anyways. but see above, re bitmaps (ie, i'm not volunteering to implement it, but i will merge my 'boxes that never overlap and are resizable' code to desiredata when i can)

> the "best" would be number 3. but i havent found anything about
> "embedding" fonts in tk apps (well, i assume we would need another font
> renderer than the system uses = way more work ?)
> so, my vote would go to 2.
> cheers
> andre

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