[PD] Re: true-type-font versus bitmap-font

Jason Plumb jason at noisybox.net
Tue Nov 29 17:28:49 CET 2005

> ps. as the topic says, i would still like to hear why we should use ttf
> fonts in pd... well, for big sizes ttf would be ok (if they are not used
> in reference/docs/tuts and so on...)

Just my $0.02 on this...

As somebody already pointed out, bitmap fonts look different on 
different resolutions, and the consistency "problem" gets even worse 
when you consider displays with higher DPI/PPI.  As displays get bigger 
and the number of pixes per inch continues to increase, I worry that 
bitmap fonts just won't hold up (assuming they're never scaled..and even 
then they're ugly).  TTF on the other hand scale quite nicely...

Antialiasing is another plus for going with TTF.  You just can't get a 
nice, "smooth", easy-on-the-eyes render with bitmap fonts.

I know the overall issue is not an easy one to solve...but I'd vote for 
TTF if/where possible.


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