[PD] help with rfft~

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Tue Nov 29 19:30:34 CET 2005

Stefan Turner wrote:

>sqrt(real^2 + imag^2). Then:
>output real = carrier real * modulator magnitude
>output imag = carrier imag * modulator magnitude
>The outputs go into a [rifft~].
This sounds like just using the magnitude of one signals frequency bins 
to amplitude-modulate a second signals frequency bins. I thought 
convolution actually affected the frequencies in a slightly different 
way. Or rather convolution was multiplying the frequancy magnitudes but 
also multiplying the two frequency values as well.

>e.g. [block~ 4096 4].
I know you can use block~ to change sample block size, but I have never 
seen the second argument. What does this second argument do (its not in 
the pd help)?


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