[PD] still cnv-edit (last one?)

João Miguel Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 30 13:17:09 CET 2005

ok, I don't think of anything else that might be added. If there's a will  
to make these abstractions current, I guess they
should be elegantly made, so that they can last long (and don't require  

since a few days ago I changed:

- name is shorter, $-ed (cnv-ed)
- inlet to receive control messages (if anyone might need it and for some  
strange reason wants to send it through here instead
of directly)
- outlet to send a copy of the messages (maybe if someone wants to control  
10 objects with it, can connect directly with
several sends)
- pd defaults incorporated into patch
- no more send symbol (actually the canvas is the only one that uses it,  
right?). no need to redefine symbols to get position, everything is  
- thanks Frank B, no more creation of objects, everything is with messages  
(no dirty patch)

To make the same question different: if there are no more suggestions, I  
will start the mass production, that is, adapt it to
the other guiobjs. (maybe also to some external guiobjs, why not? Knob  
isn't that popular besides loved by some).
It's not a speak now or never thing, but more  
speak-now-and-get-it-done-or-speak-later-and-it-'-ll-take-much-longer one.



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