[PD][OT] Request for help with OSC-client.h/c and OSC-timetag.h/c

Urs Liska pd at ursliska.de
Tue Dec 6 13:09:24 CET 2005

Hi Piotr,

thank you very much for putting this online.
As there are many files in the .zip and I'm not experienced with C/C++, 
allow me one question:
To understand how to use it, I have to read the OSC.cpp file (and maybe 
the OSC-client.h/c files) and basically can ignore the remaining files?

Anyway, I will have a look at it and am quite sure it will be what I 
need :-)


Piotr Majdak schrieb:
> Hi!
> Urs Liska wrote:
>> Would anybody be able and willing to help me to make the OSC-client 
>> and OSC-timetag files from the OSC Kit 
>> (http://www.cnmat.berkeley.edu/OpenSoundControl/Kit/) accessible from 
>> Delphi by a) helping me translate it to Delphi or b) creating a 
>> wrapper (Windows) Dll around it.
> Some years ago I wrote an OSC-client wrapper for VB. I put the sources 
> and DLL at http://iem.at/~majdak/download/OSC/
> There's no documentation, but I think you won't need it. Maybe you it'll 
> help you...
> br, Piotr

Urs Liska
Glümerstr. 5
D-79102 Freiburg


[Pd 0.39.0, WinXP]

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