[PD] [readanysf~], -lflext ..no & CVS commit

august august at develop.ment.org
Tue Dec 27 21:45:27 CET 2005

Tim Blechmann say:
> (forwarding to flext-list)
> > im trying to compile [readanysf~]. when configuring i 
> > get:...configure couldn't find the FLEXT lib. it wants libflext.so. 
> the flext libraries have been renamed to libflext-pd.so ...
> thomas, maybe a point for the flext faq :-)

I also found other changes in the flext libs that will keep readanysf~
from compiling.   I made changes to my configure.ac and would like to
do a CVS commit.   Last time I tried, I didn't have the permissions to
do a commit.   Can someone help me out here?

You can also download the changes here:



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