[PD] [Fwd: Re: Puredata externals] (unauthorized)

Chico ix at replic.net
Sat Jan 21 23:26:47 CET 2006

Groucho a crit:
> well, you're right and as you say that,
> i will from now drop any support for windows
> ( it's not against anyone, but i've lost enough time with this )

anyways you overwrote the slew of minor fixes i had checked in that made all of unauthorized~ work on windows, in an update to your dir on sourceforge. whether this was intentional or accidental, doesn't matter. ive deleted all DLLs as well - it is clear this port was unauthorized and the situation has been corrected..

> >The links to cooled~ (win) is broken however and I'm tremendously
> >interested in it (and sonogram~ but I'm on a pc)
> >do you know of an alternate location for cooled~?

you may dig in the cvs history if youd like. i'd suggest compiling with GCC..

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