[PD] dealing with arguments and inlets

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Feb 1 00:34:55 CET 2006

Stefan Turner hat gesagt: // Stefan Turner wrote:

> This is a very cool idea. Virtually all my
> abstractions have an inlet and ii (from iem) for each
> argument: would definitely be better to have both in
> one.

Not for me. ;) 

I tend to see inlets and arguments as serving a different purpose.
Instead of using lots of inlets my abstractions generally use only on
or two inlets and internally [route] messages according to selectors. 

I would do so even with inlet tooltips or similar helpers, as I find
it much more conventient to provide lots of selector-messages but only
have a small amount of inlets in my abstractions, because I hate
having to find the right inlet to connect to. For abstraction
arguments it's slightly different as these are just input once, on
object creation.  Although I like to even get rid of using too many
arguments and instead just use one argument which internally gets
transformed into a receiver that is connected to the same [route] as
the inlet is. (So maybe inlets and arguments serve the same purpose
after all?) Initialization then happens somewhere else (like in a
[pool] in Memento).

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