[PD] csoundapi~

Martin Peach martinrp at vax2.concordia.ca
Thu Feb 2 21:50:29 CET 2006

Victor Lazzarini wrote:

> I realised now that this has not been included in the release notes, but
> it's probably the most important bit of the Csound5 distribution for the
> PD community:
> Csound 5 includes csoundapi~, a PD frontend for csound in the
> style of the Max/MSP csound~ (which is based on csound4).
> Csoundapi~, unlike csound~ for PD, uses the csound library and
> API. It is multi-instantiable and provides many facilities for 
> controlling
> csound. You will have access to the 1000 or so opcodes that csound
> provides (and that wonderful orchestra and score language that we
> all love :) ...).

...and the wonderful documentation that may or may not be true ;)

I finally got it to work on WinXp with pd0_39_2test7...

The installer created environment variables CSOUNDRC, OPCODEDIR64, 
PYTHONPATH and RAWWAVE_PATH and a user variable Path="C:\Program 

So first I start pd and then load csoundapi.pd from "C:\Program 
Files\Csound\examples\csoundapi_tilde". [csoundapi~] is created (with 1 
inlet and 3 outlets and "could not compile", which experience tells me 
really means "could not find") after I added "C:\Program 
Files\Csound\bin" to pd's path, but the csapi_demo.csd file only loads 
if I place it in pd/bin (now it has 4 inlets and 6 outlets).

I can also put it in pd and load it as "../csapi_demo.csd" but by then 
the [csoundapi~] object has the wrong number of inlets and outlets and 
the patch needs to be edited. So it seems like a bad idea to change 
files on an existing [csoundapi~].

Sending the [reset( message to [csoundapi~] always crashes pd.

According to the documentation, an environment variable INCDIR can be 
set to point to .sco and .orc files, but this is probably obsolete 
because it has no effect.

Is there any way to specify a directory for .csd files other than /pd/bin?


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