[PD] dvb-s card and Gem separator pb

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Feb 3 22:49:18 CET 2006

vincent rioux wrote:
> /*ben*:
> Somewhat related question:
> Could we tune into network streams using the ffmpeg loader
> *arthur:*/
>>hey.  I wrote  a little DVB reader and channel switcher this summer.
> hi Ben and August,
> thanks for you help.
> actually, i got the feeling that using pdp/pidip would help, at least 
> you can specify diretly the device you want to open, but:

btw, in the current cvs of Gem (and thus in the upcoming release) you 
can finally specify your device as well...(but i doubt that it will get 
you further than pdp/pidip in this special case)

> i tried to use the stream facilities in kaffeine and receive it with 
> pidip but pidip compilation breaks with ffmpeg (cvs) concerning (just by 
> chance) pdp_live~ object...

check out the latest and greatest CVS of ffmpeg from (approx.) 9.January 
.2005 (or was it 2004?) - i remember having written an email to ed kelly 
which specified the correct CVS-version of ffmpeg to get some time ago - 
just search the archives.


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