[PD] GEM: translucent objects, other effects, and tutorials/instruction

chris clepper cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Wed Feb 8 21:14:48 CET 2006


Very basic tutorials I did a few years ago.  It covers alpha blending.


On 2/8/06, Tomato Thaumato <thaumato.open at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello list,
>  The answer may already be on the webpage, but to a graphics newbie such as
> myself, I could not find the answer.
>  How do I create a translucent object?  And for that matter other "vital"
> effects?
>  I personally learn by example, and if anyone would be willing to supply me
> with some really exciting looking patches I'd be more than happy to break
> those patches down into "tutorials" for someone like me who is just learning
> to use the material.  Some of it has to do with the basic ideas behind
> objects.
>  For example, as a beginner to audio production, I might discover that I
> could get a "neat sound different from osc~" by using phasor~, but it might
> not occur to me that phasor~ has other uses besides just as a saw-tooth wav
> that would help me later on as I tried to accomplish more complex tasks.
>  If someone thinks they have a bunch of varied, interesting, patches, I
> would LOVE to look at them, and I'd be happy to try and put together some
> "help" files like those found within Pd if somebody would be willing to
> proof them for me.  I found the basic things in the GEM HTML manual
> currently being worked on by IOhannes, but it was not enough.  Is there more
> out there already?  Whether there is or isn't, tell me what I can do to be
> helpful, and tell me what I can do to learn.
>  Thanks list!
>  -Michael
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