[PD] Audio-Rate GOP possible?

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Sun Feb 12 21:48:46 CET 2006

hi joão

you could change [env~] to [env~ 8192], so that it only outputs a number 
every 8192 samples, so the vu-meter does not get updated that often.
actually there are three different rates in pd, sampling-rate (audio), 
control rate (normally sr/64) and then the gui update rate. with a normal 
[env~], the vu-meter is updated every 1.5ms. althoug the refresh rate of the 
screen is much lower, it seems, that calculation of updating is done on 
every message (at least on windows).


From: "João Miguel Pais" <jmmmpais at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've made this abstraction, which is a GOP. It's a normal volume
> controller, audio on left sides (up+down), and level on right sides.
> But when I turn audio on, my CPU jumps to around 40% (Thinkpad 1.5Mhz,
> XP). That has nothing to do with how much signal is being processed by pd,
> I guess only with the updating of (semi-)Audio-Rate information by tcl/tk,
> which seems to be quite expensive.
> Is this only a windows issue, or is it a general problem from tcl/tk? Is
> it possible in any way to make an abstraction which can update
> (semi-)audio-rate information?
> Thanks,
> Joao


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