[PD] Audio-Rate GOP possible?

cdr ix at replic.net
Sun Feb 12 23:08:10 CET 2006

On Sun Feb 12, 2006 at 10:47:29PM +0100, Jo?o Miguel Pais wrote:
> >you could change [env~] to [env~ 8192], so that it only outputs a number  
> >every 8192 samples, so the vu-meter does not get updated that often.
> >actually there are three different rates in pd, sampling-rate (audio),  
> >control rate (normally sr/64) and then the gui update rate. with a  
> >normal [env~], the vu-meter is updated every 1.5ms. althoug the refresh  
> >rate of the screen is much lower, it seems, that calculation of updating  
> >is done on every message (at least on windows).
> so you mean, that for GOPs or GUIs in general it is better to use tcl/tk's  
> refresh rate, which is the K-rate? with env~ 8820 it spends the half cpu  
> as before, but anyway still too much for such a simple thing, I guess.

you could launch pd with the '-d 3' argument to see what exactly its telling the GUI to do. if its deleting and recreating the widget from scratch for each update, thats a problem. if its just sending over a list of floats, thats significantly better.. i know using the latter technique it was no problem to do 25 fps full-color spectrograms/response-graphs with only about 2% CPU load on WinXP/a64-2.0ghz. so its definitely possible.. there are diminishing returns in terms of bandwidth and cpu usage vs percieved smoothness after about 20 or 25 fps..

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