[PD] Re: Segmented Patch Chords? PVar / PV?

Item State itemstatechanged at yahoo.de
Tue Feb 14 11:02:27 CET 2006

it's more an aesthetic question : distinguishing
clearly a one-to-many/many-to-one communication (which
to my understanding is the concept of a send/receive
with a portname) from a mere one-to-one connection
.... best, -sciss-

> > Avoiding pollution of the symbol-table?
> this topic has been mentioned already a few times on
> this list, but suddenly 
> i still don't know what this means exactly. does
> pollution mean, that the 
> symbol-table uses a lot of ram? does that have any
> bad effects on 
> performance? is there a good way to avoid pollution
> (i mean when patching) ?

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