[PD] [OT] - Installation: Espace.Image using PD+GEM

Brad Kligerman bkligerman at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 10:51:14 CET 2006

Here's a link to some images of an installation I did last week :

ESPACE.IMAGE Venice <http://perso.wanadoo.fr/egm-net/htm/iv1.htm>

The installation took place in Venice, Italy. I use PD+GEM+PDP+PiDiP+PMPD on
linux. This installation made use of 2 video projectors, a couple webcams, a
midi controller and 2 PC's each running PD, communicating via OSC on a local
net. PDP was used for motion capture to trigger movement events; the whole
room seemed to resonate to the movement of Venice as captured by the webcams
aimed out the windows...

Thanks goes out to everyone on this list who directly and indirectly
helps-out by both asking questions, giving answers and talking about what
they do with PD...

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