[PD] Distro Doubt

vincent rioux vincent.rioux at no-log.org
Fri Feb 17 03:03:01 CET 2006

Hello Marc,
could you tell us why you choose Kanotix instead of Knoppix to create 
your custom liveCD/installCD?
i once tried with Knoppix and found that it was relatively easy if one 
but unfortunately did not find much time to go on.
i also tried Morphix but paradoxically found it slightly more difficult.


Marc Lavallée wrote:

>Le 16 Février 2006 17:04, derek holzer a écrit :
>>My suggestion would be to use Ubuntu to get a basic installation, and
>>add the DeMuDi packages on top of that. Ubuntu should streamline the
>>hardware detection & configuration process quite nicely. The DeMuDi
>>packages could be part of Debian (Unstable/Testing?) already, so it's
>>just a matter of updating the sources you download from.
>Demudi is using some Ubuntu packages. But I'm not sure Demudi is still 
>maintained, and many of its packages are now available in Debian (and/or 
>Ubuntu). As a rule of thumb, it's better not to mix Ubuntu and Debian 
>packages; Ubuntu doesn't care about compatibility with Debian, because 
>Ubuntu have a different agenda than Debian 
>(https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarkShuttleworth). So when there's a good package 
>from Ubuntu, it's better to recompile it for Debian (and vice-versa).
>>Dynebolic is OK as a live CD, but pretty much impossible to reconfigure,
>>so I'd skip it for a permanent installation unless you need something
>>working RIGHT NOW ;-)
>I created my own livecd using Kanotix (which is a derivative of Knoppix) and 
>packages from Debian unstable. I can't distribute it "as is" because it 
>contains lots of non-free packages for multimedia support. But I like it 
>better than Dynebolic because it can be installed on a hard drive and used 
>as a good starting point for a complete system. Dynebolic is a carefully 
>crafted livecd with everything compiled from scratch,  so basically it's a 
>work of art and it can't be easily extended like Debian.

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