[PD] Metro unstable osx

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Fri Feb 17 18:25:48 CET 2006

Hi Timon,

timon botez wrote:

> Well, at high speed the dot in the bangs drops out all together. The 
> redraw of numbers in the float box rarely updates in real time. I have 
> to admit I have had the tendency of using too many of them. At times the 
> redraw of the number boxes has frozen all together. Even when manually 
> dragging the numbers. In a sub window I have closed it and re-opened it 
> to find the number refreshed. Not sure what causes that. Have paid 
> attention to what I have done but not detected anything unusual.

How fast is "high speed?" How many is "too many"? Maybe you can post the 
patch? Keep in mind that not being able to visually see the bang doesn't 
mean that the "bang" message isn't being sent. The bang object has a 
hold time, and you can set that to a smaller number in the object's 
properties menu if you need to see it going faster. But the GUI isn't 
PD's strong point, and quickly refreshing graphics (espc tons of them) 
can drag down the performance of the entire application. It could simply 
be that you are using too many fast-refreshing GUI elements and that's 
what's choking your system.

Still, did you try using these bangs to trigger sounds within PD instead 
of over MIDI? Did it stutter then?

Also, try it over MIDI to Reason with audio on and then with audio off 
(assuming that PD is only generating MIDI) and see if that makes a diff.


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