OSX slow GUI [WAS: Re: [PD] Metro unstable osx]

day 5 day5ive at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 16:20:53 CET 2006

Well, I only increase the priority of the pd background process when  
I'm doing realtime audio and video simultaneously.

I imagine for users that are dealing with really intense graphic  
interfaces, you can simply instead increase processing priority to the  
Pd.app instead of the pd background process.

It seems to work anyway, i'd imagine a

% renice -20 -p[pd process id here]

would work just as well. In any event, using these techniques of  
manipulating processing priority lets users get a LOT more mileage out  
of the pd-extended builds than you would normally get when all  
nicelevel = 0.


On Feb 20, 2006, at 12:42 AM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

> What do you do exactly?  Increase the priority of the pd background  
> process?
> It sounds like we need to revisit the "realtime" priority stuff on Mac  
> OS X.    Sara, have you tried using the -nrt flag with a newer version  
> of Pd?  I am curious as to whether that would make a difference.
> .hc
> On Feb 19, 2006, at 9:07 PM, day 5 wrote:
>> Hi Sara (and others reading this thread),
>> have you tried this on OS X ?
>> http://www.lachoseinteractive.net/en/products/processwizard/
>> It's basically just a frontend for the unix renice command. I find  
>> that it's possible to get 25-30% increase in efficiency using this.
>> You can choose to increase the CPU processing priority of either the  
>> GUI or the audio/video. whatever you see fit. Possibly this can serve  
>> as an interim solution.
>> ./d5
>> On Feb 19, 2006, at 8:59 PM, sara kolster wrote:
>>> Hi Hans,
>>>> Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>>>> I was well aware of the slowness of the Pd GUI on Mac OS X, but its  
>>>> news to me that its actually slower than older versions.  That  
>>>> would be very good to test.  Tigital did a bunch of work  
>>>> streamlining the Tk/Aqua stuff to use CoreGraphics, which should  
>>>> speed things up quite a bit.  I am wondering what makes things go  
>>>> slower with newer versions.
>>> I am still using the 0.37.1 PD-version(on osx.3.9) for the exact  
>>> same reason that the newer versions of pd are super slow. Opening up  
>>> my performance interface (using quite a few abstractions) and trying  
>>> to push a toggle or bang is nearly impossible. No response at all.
>>> As you, I am puzzled by the fact what changed in the newer versions  
>>> which makes the pd-GUI slower than the older versions. I'm using the  
>>> 0.37.1 version without X11 and i'm using the tcl/tk 8.4.9 (wish  
>>> shell). I'm not a great fan of using X11, but if that would help  
>>> figuring out what went different in the production of the newer  
>>> pd-versions, than that would be worth trying.
>>> Sara
>>>> One thing that tigital is proposing, which I think would be worth  
>>>> trying, is making a Fink/X11 version of Pd.  This should get around  
>>>> the slowness of Tk/Aqua, but would mean that you need X11 to use  
>>>> that version of Pd.
>>>> .hc
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