[PD] Re: osx problems with xsample

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 18:02:04 CET 2006

Thomas Grill(e)k dio:
> Hi Enrike,
> please, for PD-related questions, always write to the list.
> Some questions appear again and again and others should be able to look 
> them up in the archives.

sorry. I thought this might be just something i set up wrong on my
system and maybe not very interesting for everybody.

>> I am testing on mac a patch that uses xsample and py. This sample was 
>> working fine in the computer i was using previously but now it does 
>> crash PD. I try to describe the situation to see if you have any idea 
>> of the problem.
>> Creating xplay~ or xgroove~ is ok but then if i move click on the 
>> xplay or xgroove or any pd subpatch, crashes pure data after a couple 
>> of secs being frozen. Note that clicking or modifying pd objects like 
>> + or atoms doesnt cause the crash.
>> If I run PD from terminal i get this when crashes
>> Pd : signal 4
>> closing audio ...
>> closing MIDI ...
>> ... done.
>> pd_gui: pd process exited
>> however i did some other tests and i found out that:
>> The xsample examples work ok, even if i try to move pd subpatches etc..
>> Creating an empty canvas and creating there xsample, xgroove or xplay 
>> is ok
> What is the difference between what you describe in the last sentence 
> and the situation above?
Sorry not to be clear.
The difference is that the second is with an empty patch with no other
patch open on pd. The first is on my patch or in a new patch while my
patch is open.
So this is the sequence of events in both tests:

1 test - Open my patch on PD / create xsample / create xgroove~ / click 
or try to move xgroove~ or some pd subpatch in the same patch : Pd crashes

2 test - open pd / create xsample / create xgroove~ / click and move 
xgroove or any other object or atom on the same patch: No crash

>> do you have any ideas why this is happening? i talked to Hans and he 
>> pointed into the externals. I tested this in different versions of PD, 
>> basically in the extended versions with same results. Initially i was 
>> using exactly the same version i was using in previous computer, i 
>> think it was 0.39.4-extended-RC7, now i am on RC4. Millers ditro does 
>> not crash but i get a very strange error, it doesnt load xsample, so i 
>> foused on my tests on 0.39.4-extended-RC8
> When you say, Miller's distro doesn't load xsample, which error message 
> (with -verbose) do you get?
> Above all, which xsample version are you running?

I was using the version that comes with Hans distro 0.39.2-extended-RC8
Now i downloaded the version on your page. I get the same behavior.

The error i get with millers 0.39-2 is that if py is loaded xample wont 
load and the other way around. I load them by creating py and xsample 
objects, i mean i am not passing the path on startup.

> best greetings,
> Thomas

many thanks thomas

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