[PD] [announce]Glitch-calling! (was:pd and telephon)

moritz erstens at gmx.ch
Wed Feb 22 03:34:04 CET 2006

Callboys make noise and progressive-dub ;-)
in Dachkantine in Zuerich (CH) on thursday, feb 23 2006, on 22.00h!

.. or hear livestream then on audioasyl.net

All sound-soft-ware is build with Pd / Hid/ Netpd.
Our environment are telephons, joysticks, gamepads, big-buttons all in 
a  thronging jail...
A better description, documentation  about the technical setup and the show
will coming soon.

here a more exact description about the act, here:


and the official flyer:

!!!!Thanks to all  

also we make: 
and of course a lot of: [~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
greetings mOriTz and anDaLus

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