[PD] Drawing polygons etc.

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Feb 22 09:29:30 CET 2006

Robert Scott hat gesagt: // Robert Scott wrote:

> I'm a relative newcomer to pd and have just about grasped the audio side of 
> things. However, I can't seem to make any headway in using templates/structs 
> to draw à la section 2.9 of Miller Puckette's manual.
> All documentation I've found neglects tell you how to actually get your 
> template to draw anything anywhere. If we take for example 
> help-drawpolygon.pd, I can't find any explanation of how 
> help-drawpolygon-data was created and what objects had to be put into it (and 
> how) to represent the instances of the template.
> Please can someone tell me it's really simple and I'm just being an idiot?

It's simple and you're not an idiot. ;) 

I was told a lot of people found this tutorial useful to get to grips
with data structs easier than with the official documentation. It's a
step-by-step series of patches that should work you from the basics up
to doing arrays (then it suddenly stops):


(The URL is one line!)

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