[PD] Calling for Application: The First Digital Audio Master program in China From Department of Digital Art and Design at School of Software, Peking University

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Next Interview date is in July.

The establishment of the Department of Digital Art and Design at  
School of Software at Peking University presents an historical  
opportunity for the first such formal collaboration of the arts and  
sciences in an academic setting. Our new program will provide the  
same or higher levels of instructions in the Digital Arts as in many  
of the institutions in North America and Europe. With a highly  
developed curricula, students in China now have a way of exploring  
the use of technologies in Computer Animation, Digital Audio,  
Interactive Multimedia and Computer Gaming as well as Special Topics  
independently guided by an international academic staff. Our program  
will provide a unique circumstance where the deep and rich cultural  
background of China can be expressed and brought to the world in line  
with current emergent art and technology discourses

The audio program/direction in the Department of Digital Art and  
Design will be oriented toward complementing the other professional  
directions within the department (animation, games, technical  
direction) in our goal toward producing highly qualified experts in  
the field. The digital audio program is not oriented toward a music  
conservatory competency but will instead work within a technical,  
organized sound (sonic art) paradigm.

Three focuses may be developed:

1. Students with a art/music focus will compose concert art and  
installation works
2. A professional focus will concentrate on music/sound composition  
for film/video/game soundtracks, while attaining professional level  
skills in studio based techniques (recording/mixing/mastering)
3. A technical focus within the direction will aim toward fundamental  
software research in the field of audio

The two year program will guide the student in phases toward  
accomplishment in:

1. professional audio processes and vocabulary; interdisciplinary  
media production; development of professional audio applications

2. expertise in the operation and maintenance of a professional audio  
production studio

3. audio synthesis and analysis; sound programming

4. advanced recording, mixing and processing techniques; principles  
of sound spatialization and filtering; real-time performance techniques

The main goal of the digital audio program is to guide the student  
toward an advanced, competently researched thesis topic in digital  
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