[Pd] Other synthesis methods

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Sun Feb 26 01:50:10 CET 2006

On Feb 24, 2006, at 10:11 PM, derek holzer wrote:

> cyborgk at nocturnalnoize.com wrote:
>>  I'd kill for some externals/abstractions that have anti-aliased,  
>> analog sounding
>> square and sawtooth waves, for instance...
> It's hard to beat the Reaktor sound engine in terms of filters and  
> oscillators. I've given up trying to get a filter in PD which  
> sounds really like it should in musical/synthesis terms. I think  
> all the filter objects have been designed with mathematics in mind  
> rather than sound. There's also strange inconsistencies between the  
> different libraries as to how the resonance/Q works, for example.
> As for oscillators, you could try the [blosc] object in the Creb  
> library, but I've never used it. My choice has been to run the  
> [plugin~] object with the BLOP LADSPA plugins. These are amazing- 
> sounding bandpass-limited oscillators which do square, saw and  
> pulse-width-modulated rectangular and triangular waveforms. Very  
> fat, very analog-sounding. Most LADSPA stuff compiles on OSX, BTW,  
> but windows folks are still left out.

I didn't know that LADSPA worked on Mac OS X, that would be good to  
have in Pd-extended.  Any volunteers?  Also, with MinGW, you might  
just get LADSPA working on Windows.  For example, about half of / 
externals/ compiled with MSVC.  I think all except [shell] compiled  
with MinGW.


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