[PD] Re: Extended installers feedback: win/osx/linux

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Mon Feb 27 05:07:19 CET 2006

Hi HC,

glad the feedback is useful. The more this stuff gets tested, the better 
it will get.

Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

> A couple of Yves' GUI objects are not currently ported to Windows.  
> Carmen Rocco ported them, but the changes got overwritten in CVS.  They 
> are still there if anyone wants to dig them up and submit them to Yves.

Submitting Windows ports to Yves is a bit like sending them to the Black 
Hole of Calcutta ;-)
Better just check them into CVS in your own, whoever it is out there 
that has such "evil" code.

>> * Can anybody suggest an x86 Linux liveCD with a full PD installation 
>> that actually works? By this I mean fast OpenGL/3D/Accelerated 
>> Graphics drivers, Jack, ALSA-MIDI and externals without broken 
>> dependencies (all problems I've encountered with live CDs + PD 
>> before). I'm guessing the Apodio one might be the ticket, but I'm 
>> still open to suggestions. Isn't Apodio only in French?
> I think pure:dyne aims to be this LiveCD:
> https://puredyne.goto10.org/

Vaporware. Anybody know anything that's now and wow?


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