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> hi
> i know there's a way to cut down the sample granularity- down to even
> 2 bit, with pd, and i think it's even been discussed in this forum not
> too long ago- but i can't find it.
> can anyone remind me of how to 'downsample' like this?


If you want to do a 'downsample' check out the built-in [samphold~]
object. If you put a slow squarewave into the right hand inlet you can
get nice bitcrunching. If it's not time-domain quantising that you want
to do, but would rather 'alias' the wave - reduce the resolution of the wave
in terms of the number of unique positions that a sample can be in
vertically (e.g. '16 bit', '8 bit', '4 bit' etc.) at each sample point,
then try out the builtin [wrap~] object. If you want GOP abstractions
that do these two things check out:




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