[Pd] active and tot not right in pd-extended

Martin Peach martin.peach at sympatico.ca
Fri Sep 15 07:28:08 CEST 2006

Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Sep 2006, martin.peach at sympatico.ca wrote:
>> The available edit windows in tcl/tk are a bit limited. It seems like 
>> you can either have a one-line editable field or a whole rectangle 
>> that you can enter any text into.
> No, this is a limitation of u_main.tk, because it was written by 
> people who haven't learned Tcl/Tk more than the bare minimum, so, they 
> write in a pidgin of C and Tcl, and they don't know the listbox command.
I wonder why they used Tcl/Tk at all then...
> I suggest that you don't learn Tcl/Tk by reading u_main.tk.
Unfortunately the only use I can think of for Tcl/Tk is u_main.tk. So I 
hop between that and the man pages at www.tcl.tk (which would be a lot 
better if they had examples as well as definitions). And then my five 
minutes are up and its on to something else.

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